Welcome Home

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It's been a long time, huh? Too long, since fate and circumstance let this site fall from my fingers. Too long since it was snatched away, picked up by a friend, and then snatched away again.

Never again! Until the last server blinks out and the last disk drive fails, The Encyclopedia of Pointless will remain, a bastion for very silly people doing very silly things. And let me assure you, those things? Extremely silly.

I'm trying something different, this site is running on a new framework called HTMLy. Will I like it? Will it do what I need it to do? No idea. Right now, I'm just taking it for a test drive. Soon, I'll crack the hood and see what it's packing. Maybe it will have what I'm looking for, maybe it won't. I'm sure I'll get it looking the way I want it to, and doing the things I want it to do. Sensation Heightening Interactive Technology has always been about making things be sillier than they were meant to be.

If not, I'll move on. I am nothing if not flexible. It'll be fun. You're all invited to join me on this new endeavor.

Yours truly,

Mr. Encyclopedia